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How to join the club

You do not need to be a member of a club to participate in orienteering or to join AYROC to come along to up to 3 of our local events but joining the club brings many benefits.We look forward to welcoming you as an AYROC member

02nd Apr 15

There are two membership options:


Joining AYROC and the Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA)

Suited to people who want to participate in orienteering locally and in Scotland

Online membership is available through the SOA website

Fees:  Senior (21 or older)  £8

           Juniors (20 or younger)  Free


Joining AYROC, the SOA and British Orienteering

Suited to people who want to engage more deeply in orienteering,hold event official positions or participate competitively in championship racesacross Scotland or in the UK

Online membership is via the British Orienteering website

Fees: Seniors (21and older) £18

          Juniors (20 or younger) £3.30

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