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Three MapRun Courses in Ayrshire are available for download

02nd Mar 21

MapRun is a form of Orienteering that uses “smart” phones for timing.


To use the courses you need to download Maprun app. If you haven’t got the app yet then the latest version is called Maprun6.

Before starting it is a good idea to read the introduction on the main MapRun website on where there is a lot of useful information and a users forum.


To select a course, open the app on your phone, tap Select Event and browse UK > Scotland>Ayrshire>Ayrshire Orienteering Club and download the course you want.

We are assuming that you already understand the basics of Orienteering; if you are completely new to this sport AYROC would be pleased to help you learn. You are strongly advised to print and use a paper map. You will find a pdf copy here. Navigating these courses on your phone screen is a poor orienteering experience and risks breaking your phone; shove the phone in to a pocket where you can hear it ping. When the app is running and your course has been downloaded and selected, click “Go to start”. When you cross the start triangle the phone will ping as if you have received a text message. Make sure you have the volume settings turned right up. Run/walk/cycle/wheel the course. Each control should ping on your phone. If you miss hearing one because of ambient noise check your phone screen; the control circle on the phone will turn from purple to green. At the end crossing the Finish produces a result.

These courses have been set up as “scatter” events. Visit all controls in any order, quickest wins. Our courses have also been set up as “start anywhere”. The first control that a runner visits becomes the start and finish control for their run. The course is dynamically reconfigured as soon as the runner visits the first control and the updated course is shown in the main run screen of the app. If you do that, you should finish at the control you start at. You can plan different routes around the map to create extra interest.

About hazards and risks. The hazards of orienteering (slipping, falling, water crossing, cliffs, road traffic, sharp vegetation etc) are unchanged on a MapRun course but the risk increases because there is not a safety team on the course. Take care and make sure someone knows where you are. Participants should take care not to cause concern to third parties. Participants take part as a personal activity at their own risk, not covered by any orienteering insurance policy.

Access to land. Participants should ensure they are being responsible through adhering to guidance as set out by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

These courses are intended to be run using a paper map for the traditional Orienteering experience.The underlying map will look a bit off on the phone screen. The control positions on the pdf are correct as are the coordinates for the controls on the app, don’t try to find the controls using the screen; print and use a paper map.After your run the “Results” screen will show a trace which you can use to debrief. After running a public MapRun course your result will be added to a “results” table which can be found on the app and on the website; if you have privacy concerns about your name being published in this way use an alias on the app.

Have Fun.

Beach Park

Fullarton Woods

Kay Park

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