Scottish Score Championships 2016



Palacerigg Country Park, Cumbernauld

Event on Sun 27th Nov 2016

 The annual score orienteering competition, in which as many controls as possible should be visited in any order in a fixed time period.

Palacerigg with its mixture of runnable woodland and open land being used courtesy of Stag with map recently updated by Terry O'Brien 

Lost property following event:Suunto compass,small scissors,blue helly top,flag. Email

27th Nov 16



Nearest town: Cumbernauld

Event Details



A8011 from M80 and brown tourist signs to Palacerigg Country Park


Registration  10am to 12pm

Starts 10.30 am to 12.30 pm

Punching starts. Start times are not preallocated

Courses close 1430

The start and finish for all courses are close to the car park/visitor centre


Visitor centre, cafe,toilets .Information,registration,download in Longhouse to north of visitor centre /cafe


Online through Oentries until 20/112016 

Entry on the day subject to map availability

Adults £10 Juniors/students £5


70 minutes M20-35 ,W 21

60 minutes  M/W 16-18, W20,W35, M/W 40-75+

40 minutes  M/W 14 -

Orange 3.1 k

Yellow 2.7 k

White 2.2 k

A  'non string course' for young children around the childrens zoo. Buggy Friendly.

Score Classes will incur penalties if you exceed the time limit for the course you have entered at the rate of 20 points per whole minute and 1 point for every 3 seconds thereafter. This is based on SOA guidelines.


If poor weather you may be required to carry/wear a cagoule. A whistle would be a sensible addition to your kit too.


On lead


Planner : Phil Smith

Controller : Crawford Lindsay

Organiser: Bob Cherry


A large park incorporating a Golf Course which means significant Out of Bounds areas. There is an extensive network of paths and tracks which cover the area, some of which can be wet and muddy in places. the vegetation is a mixture of mature and newer plantation and some small areas of nice runnable Beech wood. The open areas are predominantly heather and quite marshy in places.  There are also some areas of rough open with some undergrowth and brambles in places. Control locations have been planned to allow competitors to link them whilst avoiding the roughtest terrain as much as possible.


The Golf Course will be in use on the day of the event and competitors should take care when using any of the paths which cross the fairways; these are well signposted and golfers will have been asked to look out for runners crossing. The park is well used by the general public and you may encounter cyclists and horse riders, please make room if required.

There are also some steep and muddy slopes, pits and large crags predominantly in the North  & West of the map.Please take care in this part of the area.

Also some of the ditches and small streams can be deep in places with steep and muddy sides, again, take care when crossing, particularly after heavy rain (which isn't forecast at the moment!).


Due to the low temperatures recently the paths are icy in places and the tussocks are like little boulders; watch your ankles! Studded shoes are recommended.


1: 10000  Updated October 2016