AYROC Activity Greenan, Doonfoot Saturday 9th January 2021 10.00 - 12.30

Event on Sat 9th Jan 2021


Ayrshire Orienteering Club Activity

Greenan, Doonfoot Saturday 9th January 2021 10.00 - 12.30

Open to SOUTH AYRSHIRE RESIDENTS ONLY due to COVID restrictions.

Please pre book by emailing  by 10pm on Thursday 7th January. 

09th Jan 21


Nearest town: Doonfoot, Ayr

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Ayrshire Orienteering Club (AYROC) Activity

Greenan, Doonfoot 
Saturday 9th January 2021 10.00 - 12.30

Open to SOUTH AYRSHIRE RESIDENTS ONLY due to COVID restrictions.

Pre booking by Emailing  by 10pm on Thursday 7th January  is ESSENTIAL because of the Scottish Orienteering Association regulations which have been agreed with the Scottish Government.


Start times will be given out when registering.

£2.00 entry fee, £5.00 per family. 




AYROC Club Activity Pre entry 

Activity at Greenan, Ayr Saturday 9th January 2021
In order to operate legally we are required to give you the following information.

The Scottish Orienteering Association has cooperated with the Scottish Government through Sport Scotland to provide regulations on how orienteering can operate during the Covid 19 pandemic. Participants are required to read the British Orienteering Federation Code of Conduct (October 2020).

The hazard is that participants will catch the virus and this may have serious consequences. If you are in a more vulnerable health category, then attendance at this activity places you at higher risk. Restricting contact with other people is obviously the best means of preventing the spread of the virus, so social distancing is required throughout the activity. During the activity, precautions will be taken to ensure that attenders maintain a 2m distance from each other, please give way to others at the controls.

The other risk is that the virus can be picked up from touching equipment which an infected person has also touched. As far as possible minimal hand contact with equipment will be required. Hand sanitiser will be available. Please try to restrict touching equipment.  All equipment will be disinfected by either use of chemicals or by quarantining for 72 hours. Personal details are required in case of the need to track and trace. These will be destroyed after 3 weeks.
     1.Name/s (childrens ages)
     2.Phone Number
     3.Email address
     4.I confirm that I do not have any symptoms of Covid 19 and I am not currently self-         isolating or in quarantine.                  Yes/No
    5.If my circumstances change in the intervening time before the date, I will inform you.                Yes/No
     6.Number of maps required; Junior,      Short,        Long
     7.Do you need to borrow a Dibber (electronic recording device) Yes/No
     8.If No, Number of own Dibber
     £2 per person for map (£5 for family) Please bring exact cash, no change available

Results will be sent out after the activity.
     Enjoy your day, despite the necessary restrictions.