European Rogaining Championships 2023, Finland

European Rogaining Championships 2023

European Rogaining Championships 2023

Yulia Buhaiets’ report from European Rogaining Championships 2023, Finland.

We covered 92 km and gained 263 points during the 24-hour score. My team was very close to winning a medal. During the race we were second, behind the winners from Latvia, until 8 am on Sunday. However, then we made a fatal mistake and got lost in Finnish marshes, hills and forest. As a result we’ve taken 5th place in WV category and 11th place in the Open category among 57 Women’s Team. I feel it’s not too bad. It’s amazing we can compete with European level teams. We were able to beat a lot of Scandinavian teams for whom it was their home terrain.

It was my second rogaining event of such a level, and it gave me an incredible opportunity to test my endurance and decision-making in extreme situations. Our team showed good team work and team spirit. I am looking forward to trying it again next year.

22nd Sep 23

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