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Permanent Orienteering Courses

AYROC has in conjunction with local country parks established two Permanent Orienteering Courses at Dean Castle Country Park and Eglinton Country Park 

A Permanent Orienteering Course is a perfect way for getting active, enjoying the scenery and green spaces with your family, or as a chance to get outdoors for a competitive time trial.

Both the new Dean Castle Country Park and Eglinton Country Park courses are now available and you can download  the Permanent Orienteering Courses below.  Your challenge is to discover checkpoints in the form of posts or plaques, in the parks . Orienteering offers a combination of physical and mental exercise which is like  no other, and you can find, navigate and complete courses at any time, and at your own pace. You just need to download a map to get you started!

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Who to contact about what.

To contact someone please add after the @ symbol

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AYROC started out in the late 70’s as CUNOC/ Cunninghame Orienteering Club.

As the club grew, the name was subsequently changed to Ayrshire Orienteering Club covering all North, East and South Ayrshire.

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Privacy Policy

The Data Protection Act 1998 imposes rules and safeguards on those who hold and process personal data, i.e. data relating to living identifiable individuals.

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You do not need to be a member of a club to participate in orienteering, but joining AYROC brings many benefits.

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