Ayroc Roll of Achievement, 2013

The following was taken from all the main orienteering events results list on the SOA website for 2013 togetherwith the 6 Days. A total of 34 club members took part The list includes all who took part in more than 6 events. 

31st Dec 13

Major Events

Scottish Championships Individual:  Craigengillan
Scottish 6 days:  Morayshire

Silver: Theresa Perry, Fiona Smith
Bronze: Lauran Eyre, Tom Nicholl


13: Phil Smith
12: Fiona Smith, Kirsty Smith
11: Fergus Smith, Charlie Woodward, Tricia Woodward
10: Bob Cherry, Sheelagh Nichol, Stewart Dunlop
9:  Tom Nicholl
8:  Jane Cherry
7:  Stewart Durham, Tony Condy


48: Smiths
29: Nicholls
24: Cherrys
22: Condys, Woodwards
17: McNamaras

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