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Ayroc Evening Training Craigie Park, Ayr

Event on Thu 17th Jun

AYROC event at Craigie Park, Ayr  KA8 0SS

Thursday,  17th June 2021 18.30 - 19.30 

Please pre enter by filling in the Registration Form and  emailing it to  by Tuesday 15th June .

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Dibbers courtesy of Mactaggart and Mickel

AYROC has recently taken possession of a set of 18 dibbers, electronic timing devices, which were very generously funded by the  Building Communities fund of Mactaggart and Mickel. This will allow us to offer orienteering to more people, particularly during the Covid times when our equipment needs to be disinfected or quarantined between each use. Our annual AYROC School Championships will also benefit as we frequently have to borrow dibbers from other clubs.
Thanks to Mactaggart and Mickel for this donation.

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MapRun Courses Ayrshire

Three MapRun Courses in Ayrshire are available for download

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Who to contact about what.

To contact someone please add after the @ symbol

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Orienteering is more than just running

If you enjoy running then you might like the sort of running orienteers do.

06th May 15  

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